Weekly News for March 22

Join us for Worship! 
We are worshiping in person on Sundays at 9:30 am.  For those who wish to join us online please connect with us on YouTube at youtube.com/c/nyccucc.  If you would like to see the Sunday Bulletin that can be found on our website at http://nyccucc.com.  If you wish to make an offering it can be made online through Tithely at https://tithe.ly/give?c=1301940.  You can also give by text: Text “Give” to 883-751-0314.
From Search Committee/Rev. Paul
On Sunday, March 26th after the worship service, Rev. Paul will lead us in filling out a brief questionnaire that will aid the committee in our search.

PLEASE NOTE…A luncheon will be served at 11:30 during the meeting to complete questionnaires to help the search committee discern who we will call to be our next minister.  PLEASE attend this important meeting.

Luncheon will be Mac N Cheese, pulled pork and salad. Please join us!  Thanks!Your Search Committee
Easter Sunday Breakfast
We will be having an Easter Sunday breakfast after the Sunrise Service, approximately around 7:15am,There is a signup sheet on the table in the Gathering Space  if you wish to contribute to this.  If you have any questions, see Sara Rose or Lois Knight
Sunday Coffee  and Fellowship Time
There is a signup sheet for the next three (3) months on the table in the Gathering Space. There is nothing fancy about this!  Bring whatever  you would like.  
Easter Worship Schedule 
April 6 – Maundy Thursday Service
        First Congregational Church of New Gloucester, UCC
        19 Gloucester Hill Rd., New Gloucester
        5:30 pm – Soup Supper – tentative
        6:30 pm – Service – tentative

April 7 – Good Friday 
        7 pm Service
        First Congregational Church of Gray, UCC
        11 Yarmouth Rd., Gray

April 9 – Easter Worship 
        6:30 am – Sunrise Service at Skyline Farm 
        7:15 am – Easter Breakfast at the Church
        9:30 am – Easter Worship       
Easter Flowers
We are now collecting orders for Easter flowers and dedications.  Please click the button below to print the order form.  Forms can also be found on the Gathering Space table and in the Sunday Bulletin.  We will be accepting orders until April 2.  Flowers will be available for pickup after our 9:30am Easter Service on April 9th.   All plants will have a label with name attached.

Click here for Easter flower order form
Please keep the following people in your prayers
Sandra and Vince Golonka
Wayne Malloch
Blanche Mays
Cindy Tompson
Chicken and Gravy Pie / Turkey and Gravy Pie Sale
Thank you to everyone who participated in the making and selling of pies and gravy.  We had a successful pie making time and sale, and had a great time doing it.  We sold 125 pies during the sale period and have sold more since.  We still have Turkey and Gravy Pies and Chicken and Gravy Pies for sale.  There are also a few pints of gravy available.
Cost:  9″ pie – $24 each.
           pint of poultry gravy – $6. 
 If you would like to purchase a pie this will be ongoing until we sell out.  On a Sunday you can reach out to Mark, Marsha, Lois or Leah.  If it is during the week the office is open Monday-Thursday 8am-12 pm.  Help yourself to a pie in the freezer (We will keep the kitchen hallway freezer stocked), and then pay Lyn or leave payment in cash or check on the office desk.  If you have any questions call the office at 829-3644.
Waffle Day                                                                                                               Rev. Dr. Paul A. Day
Food plays a large part in many religious celebrations. Of course, there is the bread and wine of Holy Communion. Shrove Tuesday features pancakes; during Lent the grocery stores offer Hot Cross Buns; and so forth. And it’s not only a Christian thing. Passover seders have a very specific menu of items, each rich in meaning as the story of the Exodus is retold. Ramada, which begins tomorrow (March 23) involves fasting during daytime, and shared meals after sunset.One of the most unusual connections, however, comes from Sweden, where March 25 is known as Waffle Day. It begins with a mispronunciation. You see, March 25 celebrates the Annunciation to Mary, when the Angel Gabriel appeared to her and told her that she would bear the Son of God. (Exactly nine months before the celebration of the Nativity!) In Sweden, the day was traditionally called “Our Lady’s Day” – Vårfrudagen which sounds a lot like Våffeldagen (Waffle Day). At any rate, it’s a good excuse to have waffles on Saturday, if you really need one, as well as a nice break from Lenten fasts.Scholars debate whether or not Jesus was actually born on December 25th, but that date was actually based on the Annunciation rather than chosen as a supposed alternative to a pagan winter solstice celebration. You see, a long-held Jewish – and early Christian – tradition was that prophets and martyrs died on the date of their conception (not their birth). The date of Jesus’ Crucifixion was believed to be March 25th by the Roman calendar. Thus, although Easter became a “moveable feast” – the first Sunday following the first full moon following the Vernal Equinox – to keep it associated with the Jewish Passover, the Annunciation is observed on March 25th.It is a good reminder of the connection between Chronos – the way we measure time with clocks and calendars – and Kairos – the way God instills time with meaning.“God’s love has been poured into our hearts through the Holy Spirit that has been given to us. For while we were still weak, at the right time Christ died for the ungodly.” Romans 5:5-6Grace and peace,
Pastor Paul
Conference Dues
Conference dues for each church are calculated on the number of members reported as of the last years fiscal term.  This is regardless of whether they attend or not, but are on the membership list at the end of the year.The dues this year are $19.00 per member.  This amounts to about $1,820.00 for this year. This is a “chunk of change” for our church as we are watching our budget very carefully.It would be greatly appreciated if you could help us by remitting your portion of the dues. If you have remitted payment already, it is greatly appreciated!If you have any questions, feel free to contact Lois Knight, Financial Secretary.
 NYCC Street Ministry
We are well stocked up on cold weather items such as socks, gloves and hats.  Thank you so much.  We are now going to begin to stock up on the warmer weather items such as light weight socks, t-shirts and underwear.  We will bring these items to Portland, along with breakfast sandwiches and coffee. If you are so inclined any of these items would be greatly appreciated. Jeanne
NYCC Clothing Ministry
Thank you for your generosity.  Many are warmer and living easier lives because of your donations.  Basic warm clothing is still needed as winter seems to be hanging on here.

The Clothing Ministry of NYCC collects basic warm clothing and accessories to be given out by the NYCC Street Ministry or donated to Maine Needs or Preble Street.  If you are so moved, please add your contribution to the boxes in the gathering space.  Most needed and asked for items:
 Warm Socks                                                          
 Waterproof Gloves 
 Warm Hats                                                                                                 
 Hand Warmers                                                        
These items will be given out with the lunches when the NYCC crew visits Portland.

If you have gently used warm coats, boots, warm clothing, that you would like to give, please add these to the boxes, too.  These items will be donated to Maine Needs or Freeport Thrift Store.  Questions, please ask Jeanne or Tracy. 
Food Pantry 
Communion Sunday has been our Sunday for food collection for local food pantries. SNAP benefits do not cover household or personal hygiene products.  So, if you are moved to donate, please consider donating items like:Shampoo and conditioner
Feminine Hygiene Products
Body Wash
Toilet Paper
Paper Towels
Laundry Detergent
Dish Soap
Canned and nonperishable food products are always needed, too.Thank you for your generosity,  This food will be distributed where it is most needed,  the Cumberland Food Pantry or Harrison Food Bank.*SNAP – Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program
A Message from our ModeratorThe following article on “Alive and Thrive at any Size” includes a list of educational sessions which are provided by Marisa Laviola, our conference minister.  They cover mainline churches and the changes we are seeing in our congregations, i.e. dwindling numbers in the pews plus more.  I plan to attend the April session which is on a Saturday.  Is there anyone else who would like to attend with me or go to another session?  Call me at 207-653-1966.

Maine Conference
United Church of Christ
This spring, Marisa will be offering a vitality workshop, Alive & Thrive at Any Size, at four locations around the state. The workshops focus on church vitality for the 21st century, including the topics of:
  Becoming a mission church: reaching out into the greater communityEngaging community partners for mission“Right-sizing” governance to prevent burnout as numbers in the pews decreaseCreative ways for pastors and lay leaders to work togetherReaching the unchurched and inviting them into the life of the churchMarisa has presented these workshops many times as ACM in Penn Central Conference. Typically, they are geared toward smaller churches that are struggling to consider their future in the 21st century. All churches are invited because all of us are struggling with this question, no matter the size.
Please register for one of the following events:
Second Christian Church in Kittery – March 18
Winthrop Congregational Church – April 22
West Parish in Bethel – May 6
Hammond St. Congregational Church in Bangor – June 10
All workshops are 9am to 3pm, bring your own lunch
Morning coffee and drinks for lunch are provided

Hybrid options are available

Questions? Contact Marisa mlaviola@maineucc.org 

Rev. Dr. Marisa Laviola
Conference Minister
March MeetingsChoir Rehearsal – Wednesday Nights at 6:30 p.m. and Sunday Morning at 8:30 am in the SanctuaryTuesday Gals meets on Tuesdays at 10:00 a.m. in Fellowship Hall. Men’s Club meets on the third Saturday of the month at 7:30 a.m. at Toddy BrookPet Place Pantry is open on the second Saturday of each month from 9:00-10:00 a.m.
Register for Camp TODAY!Programming for all ages
You are welcome here!
Scholarships are available for all sessions.  Apply online by May 15, 2023
To sign up, visit www.pilgrimlodge.org
207-724-3200, info@ pilgrimlodge.orgPilgrim Lodge is a amp lovingly provided by the Maine Conference United Church of Christ since 1956.
Chakra Shenanigans is a fun, educational, and interactive program designed to teach families about chakras (energy centers in our bodies), their importance to our health and well-being, and how to care for them.This workshop is appropriate for children ages 6 and up, and their parents. Working in partnership with each other, parents and children will learn how to check each other’s chakras and move blocked energy. Participants will make a pendulum in the class and receive a set of chakra stones, setting them up for success to continue supporting each other after the program!When children are empowered with tools and techniques to support the well-being of family members, they become partners in the holistic health of the family.Registration fee includes one adult and up to three childrenHere is the link for registration.  The April 1st class will be held at the North Yarmouth Congregational Church.  https://dancingjaguarinspirations.thrivecart.com/chakra-shenanigans-yarmouth-4-1-23/Here is the link to the FB event posted on social media.
Access worship directly on our YouTube channel (subscribe to our channel while you are there) at youtube.com/c/nyccucc

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