Weekly News for July 30, 2021


In Person Worship

We are now worshiping in person. We plan to be outside as much as possible, but it is raining or too hot we will move inside to the Fellowship Hall.  At this time, we will continue to be masked and socially distanced.  We will also be live streaming on YouTube at youtube.com/c/nyccucc.  

Pastor Nancy on Sabbatical

Pastor Nancy will be on Sabbatical for the month of July and then will take the first two weeks in August for vacation, Nancy will be away from July 1 – August 17.  Pastor Joe Connolly will be our guest pastor and will cover emergency pastoral care for the first three weeks in July and then we will have other guest pastors or Lay lead worship.

Pastoral Care Requests

For prayer requests or pastoral care during pastor Nancy’s sabbatical please contact Deacons Kathy Whittier at 254-7509 or Lois knight 318-0017.  If you wish to speak with Pastor Joe, they will ask him to contact you.

Message from Kathy and Lois

If you or someone you know is struggling in our community, please Kathy Whittier at 254-7509 or Lois knight 318-0017 to assess how NYCC church family can help.

A Note from Leah

I would like to take this opportunity to recognize those who helped to make this year’s Strawberry Festival a huge success.  Through the generosity of several monetary contributions from outside and inside the church, all of our expenses were met prior to the festival and we were able to net $2,100.00.

Advertising: Pam Ames

Solicitors for pies and ice cream: Gail Strattard, Candace Smith, Susan Elliott

Pie Makers: Nancy Lowell, Donna Smith, Leslie Eastman, Lyn Glassock, Marcia Woodward, Susan Elliott, Judy Maddox, Martha McConnell, Jess Mc Connell, Trudy Sappington, Libby Steele, Sue Berube, Sue Gerry, Saarah Balvin, Kathy Mathews, Sara Rose, Grace Rose, Caroline Rose, Gail Strattard, Jeff Shorey , Jean Goff, Deanna Davis. (If I have left anyone off, my apologies as some made pies with their own berries so I might not have them on my list) Also, some people had signed up to make pies but I ran out of berries on Thursday evening!! Thanks to them too!!)

Biscuit Makers: Priscilla Brobst and Shirley Lake (235 plus biscuits were made. I don’t know how many were taste tested and not in the count! 😊)

Helpers/ Set up/ loans of EZ Up canopies:  Rev Nancy, George and David Black, Chris and Tracy Dahlgren, Jeanne Chadbourne, Susan Elliot, Norm and Donna Smith, Cindy Libby, Judy Maddox, Sara, Grace and Caroline Rose, Deanna and Gary Davis, Jon and Emma Bickford, Nora Strawbridge, Sarah Balvin, Lyn and Frank Glassock, Men’s Club, Chris Collins, Dana Fortier, John Deans, Boy Scout Troop 121 in Auburn (Don and Cody Malpass), Marcia Woodward, Marsha and Mark Heath, Leslie Eastman, Cathy Whittier.

I hope I have not left anyone off the list.. the positive responses to helping on it were overwhelming and I appreciate all that everyone did to make this a memorable event. I think this afternoon was what Rosalyn Baston and Priscilla Brobst had in mind when they started this 28 years ago!!

Trustees Meeting

The Trustees will meet in person at the church on Tuesday, July 6 at 6 p.m.



A CaringBridge Site was created for Sandra Golonka. It’s a caring social network to help people stay connected with family and friends during a health event. Follow Sandra’s site and be sure to visit often to stay updated and share messages of support.

Visit Sandra’s Website

Site Link: http://www.caringbridge.org/visit/sandragolonka

Site Name: sandragolonka

New to CaringBridge? Sign up for an account to take part in a CaringBridge website.  Sincerely, Nancy White

Please keep the following people in your prayers ~

Julie Beggs

Marion Goff 

Sandra Golonka

Vince Golonka

Richard and Nancy Lowell

Blanche and Jim Mays

Lin Tompson Murphy

Cindy Tompson

Help for the Homeless

Summer needs for Grace Street Ministries:  new socks men and women’s – ankle and crew – white.  New men’s boxer briefs – M L XL.  Sports bras- new.  Consignment ready summer clothes – t-shirts, shorts, etc., and I have created a list on Amazon of personal care travel size items:


You can order off that list and have it shipped to my home address or you can just use it for ideas and purchase elsewhere.  I will make Ziplock bags of stuff to give out. 

I will not be doing Tuesdays during my sabbatical but will give items to Pastor Jeff and Pastor Karen for them to hand out. Thank you, Nancy


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