Weekly News for April 28, 2021

BIG ASK – God Welcomes All

While I am on sabbatical in May and July, it would be really nice to have different families sing god welcomes all (in whatever key works for you).  So you need to record and upload and soon would be great.  I know I ask a lot from you all and I truly do appreciate it.  Thank you in advance!!!!  Please let Lyn in the office know when you have uploaded your video at nyarmouthccucc@gmail.com or 846-3644. Thank you, Pastor Nancy

Here is the link for submitting your video:


Looking for Readers

As Nancy is on sabbatical from May 3 thru May 30, we are making a schedule of readers for those Sunday’s.  As usual we will have a call to worship (more than one reader in household is best, but one will work) and scripture.  We have filled in a few spaces.  The dates are posted below.

May 9 – Jeanne C.   Jeff S.     (FULL)

May 16 – Gail S.                      (Need 1)

May 23 –                                  (Need 2)

May 30 –                                  (Need 2)

Please let Lyn know if you are willing and available nyarmouthccucc@gmail.com.  Lyn can help with recording if needed.  As usual it needs to be done by Wednesday of the week before.

Pastoral Care Requests

For prayer requests or pastoral care during pastor Nancy’s sabbatical please contact Deacons Kathy Whittier at 254-7509 or Lois knight 318-0017.  If you wish to speak with Pastor Joe, they will ask him to contact you.

Spring Cleanup

Thanks to all who helped on church cleanup day!  We had good weather and we were able to get everything done. 

In Person Worship

There will be an In-person parking lot worship on Sunday, May 2- bring a lawn chair and wear a mask!  Worship for the rest of May will be virtual. We are planning to start up in person gatherings in June – yay! We will continue to be masked and socially distanced and will plan to be outside as much as possible.

Youth Group

Youth Group meeting on Friday April 30 to go help move Grace Street Ministry storage closet at Williston Immanuel church in Portland-  be at church at 3:30 pm…. we will go visit baby goats at From Away Farm this Sunday after worship….. no other youth groups until June.

Trustee News

James & Whitney, Co. Roofing have been hired to replace the roofs over the sanctuary and the office.  Work is now slated to begin this coming Monday, May 3 due to weather.

Sabbatical leave

It’s that time! I have now been your pastor for about

5 1/2 years and it is time for sabbatical. Due to Covid-19 I will be doing it in a new way. I am taking 4 weeks in May (3rd- 30th) and then I will be back in June and will take my second 4 weeks in July. As I will not be traveling, I will be observing Sabbath rest at home along with some self-study. The Diaconate has hired Rev Joseph Connelly (see bio below) to cover worship and emergency pastoral care. More details to come next week. Thank you for providing me the opportunity for this sabbatical time.

Blessings, Pastor Nancy

Biography of Rev. Mr. Joseph Connolly

After a 23 year pastorate the Rev. Mr. Joseph (call me Joe) Connolly, retired as the Pastor and Teacher of the United Church of Christ, First Congregational of Norwich, New York in 2019.  Norwich is in a very rural Upstate area.  He was the longest serving pastor the church had seen in its 200+ years.  Rev. Connolly had a previous career as a writer as a playwright and as a songwriter (lyricist).  He is a member of the Dramatist Guild, A.S.C.A.P., and had material performed Off -Broadway.  Yes (full confession), he is a native of New York City.  Joe’s wife, Bonnie Scott Connolly, was a long time resident of Brunswick when she and Joe met.  How did they meet?  Joe is the best friend of her cousin and he was visiting Maine with him.  Bonnie and Joe hit it off right away (in part because they are both fond of puns).  When they met Bonnie was an award winning staff photographer on the Brunswick Times Record.  They moved to Bangor when First Parish Church in Brunswick sponsored Joe at Bangor Theological Seminary.

Access worship video on the church Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/NYCC04097/ (you do not need to be a FB user – just click past the create account box to get to our public page) OR you may access it directly on our YouTube channel (subscribe to our channel while you are there) at youtube.com/c/nyccucc

Message from Kathy and Lois

If you or someone you know is struggling in our community, please Kathy Whittier at 254-7509 or Lois knight 318-0017 to assess how NYCC church family can help. Thanks, Nancy nyccrevnancy@gmail.com

Please keep the following people in your prayers ~

Marion Goff 

Sandra Golonka – Sandra will have her gallbladder removed and they will biopsy the tumor.  This will probably happen within the next couple of weeks.

Richard and Nancy Lowell – Dick is now home recuperating.

Blanche and Jim Mays

Cindy Tompson

Susan Elliott is walking for Habitat

Susan has been walking for HFH for many years.  If you would like to support join her on her walk by supporting Habitat for Humanity there are two ways to do it.

1.  Click here to donate online at https://charity.gofundme.com/springtimewalk2021.  Click on Donation, then pick her team (Susan&Bella).

2.  Write a check to Habitat for Humanity of Greater Portland and write (Susan&Bella) in the memo line.  Send checks to Habitat for Humanity of Greater Portland, Att: Laura Duplissis, 659 Warren Avenue Portland, ME 04103.

Habitat for Humanity Walk

Greetings from Congregational Church in Cumberland!  We hope you will participate in our 35th annual virtual Springtime Walk during the month of May to support Habitat for Humanity of Greater Portland.  Walk any of the suggested routes in Cumberland, North Yarmouth, Yarmouth, or Falmouth, or explore your own path – on a sidewalk or hiking trail.  Any distance and any date would be great.  Please share this information with your members and friends so we can support this vital mission together.

* Sign up to fundraise on your own or as part of a team: https://charity.gofundme.com/springtimewalk2021.

* Bring or find a bag for plogging (picking up trash while walking).

* Walk on the sidewalk or hike on a trail.  Every step helps provide a house for a hard-working family.

* Join the photo scavenger hunt by downloading your photos to win a prize!

* Invite a friend or neighbor to join you.  All ages welcome!

* Read more about Habitat’s mission here: http://habitatportlandme.org/mission/

Thank you for your support. Happy Spring!

From the Church Administrator

Thank you all very much for the lovely cards, ecards, flowers, lunch and gifts given to me for Administrative Professionals Day.  They are all so lovely.  I am excited to begin my 11th year here helping to build a new website, continuing to record music with our organists and others as needed along with my daily routine. I am still sewing for the mask basket (500 masks to date for NYCC), and pray for the day we will no longer need them.  Again, thank you for your thoughtfulness. Love, Lyn

Help for the Homeless

It’s spring!  Thank you all for your continued support for Grace Street Ministries.  Please hold on all winter gear until next year. Warm weather needs include travel size toiletries including sunscreen and lip balm. And of course gift cards for places like Dunkin Donuts($5) and grocery stores- Hannaford’s, Shaws and Market Basket($10.). Any fast food chain in Portland will work as well.  Thank you!  Pastor Nancy

Links for Recurring Zoom Meetings and Worship

Council: https://us02web.zoom.us/j/81321017944?pwd=QzkwRll0ajhuV3FXVTBPYjJJU1RJQT09

Tuesday Gals:  https://us02web.zoom.us/j/83989985429?pwd=TzF2N2ZtMW1JbEJqc3BuWHUxdHpIUT09

Access worship video on the church Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/NYCC04097/ (you do not need to be a FB user – just click past the create account box to get to our public page)

OR you may access it directly on our YouTube channel (subscribe to our channel while you are there) at              youtube.com/c/nyccucc

Join us for zoom coffee hour following worship. (Approx. 10:15AM)



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