Weekly News for February 10, 2021

Gathering Space Hour with Pastor Nancy 

Meet Nancy on Thursdays from 10:30-11:30 am in the Gathering Space.  Bring your own coffee and come and chat!

Message from Pastor Nancy

If you or someone you know is struggling in our community, please ask them to email me so we can assess how NYCC church family can help. Thanks, Nancy nyccrevnancy@gmail.com

Valentine Exchange
Join us on Sunday, February 14th at 11:30am for a traditional Valentine Exchange. 

Please bring 25 Valentines to hand out to friends. I will deliver extras to our friends at home.  We so look forward to these connections.    Sara Rose

On-Call Snow Shovelers Needed

We are looking for volunteers to be on-call snow shovelers from 2/12 to 2/21.  Our regular volunteer family will not be available during this time.

The shoveling includes the 8 entrances around the church whenever there is an inch of snow or more.

If you don’t have church keys, simply bring your own shovel. 

If you are interested please contact Kristi W. at klwright72@yahoo.com.

Slowly, but surely, the pledge envelopes are being picked up from the office. Thank you for doing that. There are a few left and I would like for you to have them if you want or need them. Please call the office and we will get them to you if you are not able to get to the church. 829-3644.   Jeanne. 

NYCC Worship videos!!!!!

From David:  Anyone who is interested in creating worship videos is more than welcome to step in and do so from time to time. I think it would be a good thing to have something different – and I keep thinking more and more that we have so many talented and creative folks who may have something really awesome to offer!  Any one interested?????? Please talk to David and/or Pastor Nancy

Please keep the following people in your prayers
Sara Balvin—Recovering from Covid-19.
Terri Bickford
Sharon and Ernie Clark
Marion Goff  
Blanche and Jim Mays
Cindy Tompson 
Bud and Trudy Sappington – Bud’s brother in-law, Mike Avery, passed away from Covid-19 last weekend.
Lisa Schumaker

If anyone receives an unusual email that looks like it is from me and it asks for help or for you to buy gift cards for me, please know it is NOT from me. This is not something I would do over email. You can tell this by looking at the actual email address which does not even resemble mine. Please do not respond to it.  Nancy


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