Weekly News for July 5

Email Address Change
Please update Rev. Nancy’s email address to: revnancyjwhite@gmail.com. If you have a Hotmail address for Nancy, please delete it.

Summer Office Hours
Office hours will be switching to Summer on June 25. They will be:
Monday, Wednesday – 6:30-8:30 am
Tuesday, Thursday – 6:30–8:30 am and 12:15-3:00 pm

Thank you
Once again we are so thankful for the care that George and Priscilla give to our gardens and lawns. You two do an amazingly wonderful job! Thank-you.

Thank you also to Pam, Lynne, Mark and everyone else (we know there were others) who worked tirelessly to get all of the mulching completed.

Tuesday Gals
Tuesday Gals is going to be doing baskets again for the Christmas Fair. We plan on doing around 8-10 this year. We are starting very late this year, so we need to do 2 basket s at the same time.
The first two baskets are:
Car Wash Basket
All items to clean and shine vehicles inside ans outside will be greatly appreciated.
Celebration Basket
This basket will include items for celebrating all occasions and holidays.
Idea list is posted on our poster board in front of the large bulletin board in the Gathering Space. We appreciate all your help to make these raffle baskets a success for the Christmas fair! If you would rather donate money we will do the shopping. Once again, we appreciate you help!

Church Yard Sale
The date of the church yard sale has been set for July 28 from 9:00 to 1:00 pm.
Contributions will be collected up until the 27th. Please no used computers, tv’s or broken items.
Please contact Gary Davis at 831-1254 or Priscilla Brobst at 829-3480 before dropping off any questionable items.

Pet Pantry Needs
Dry Dog Food, Dry Cat Food, Wet Cat Food and Kitty Litter.

Food Pantry Needs
Baby and Toddler Food

Upcoming Events

Sunday, July 8
Worship – 9:30 am
Women’s AA – 7:00 pm

Tuesday, July 10
Tuesday Gals – 10:00 am

Saturday, July 14
Pet Place Pantry – 9:00 am


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