Weekly News for January 10

Council Meeting
There will be a Council meeting on Thursday (tomorrow) at 4:30 pm. The meeting will include – Budget presentation, presentation of New Slate of Committees and Boards, plan for Annual Meeting, other items we need to tend to.The Council should approve both the budget and the Nominations before they go to Annual meeting. Jeanne

2018 pledge envelopes
2018 pledge envelopes are on Gathering Place table. I’ve been asked if I remember a persons pledge card break-out, ie.how much to missions or general fund….no I don’t, but the computer does! So, you do not have to write any figures on the envelope. If you add a donation to something in addition to your original pledge to Gen. Fund, or missions, that needs to be noted. Jeanne

Annual Meeting
Sunday January 21st right after church. . Members and friends are encouraged to attend church and the meeting. The church is in a pretty positive place right now and I am hoping for a positive meeting as we move on into the new year. Some interesting ideas are floating around, different ways of problem solving, less rigidity in our organization, etc. We could have some fun! Jeanne

Office Closed
The office will be closed on Monday, January 15 for Martin Luther King Jr. Day.

Pet Pantry Needs
Dry Dog Food, Dry Cat Food and Kitty Litter.

Food Pantry Needs

Laundry Detergent (small-medium sizes are better)

Upcoming Events

Wednesday, January 10 – Choir Rehearsal – 7:00 pm

Thursday, January 11 – Council – 4:30 pm

Saturday, January 13 – Pet Place Pantry – 9:00 am

Sunday, January 14– Drama Club / Trustees– 11:00 am

Tuesday, January 16 – Tuesday Gals – 10:00 am



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