Weekly News for December 20

Christmas Eve Services
Grace Street Ministry Service at Preble St., Portland – 4:30 pm
NYCC Family Worship – 6:30 pm
Christmas Communion and Candlelight
Worship – 11:00 pm

No January Newsletter
So my devotion this morning is all about the busy-ness of the season. And I recall that we have a newsletter deadline for January coming next week. In light of the fact that we have annual meeting for January and everyone is busy with reports, and the craziness yet sacredness of the next couple of weeks, I am making a pastoral/executive decision that we will NOT have a January newsletter. Any news that needs to be shared can be done so in Wednesday emails and or announcements.

Christmas Fund
On Christmas Eve we will be collecting for the annual Christmas Fund for the Veterans of the Cross and the
Emergency Fund through the UCC. This Christmas Fund provides UCC congregations and members an opportunity
to reach out in kindheartedness to those who have faithfully shepherded our Church and who now find themselves facing
unexpected financial needs.

In 2016, UCC congregations and members generously contributed $1,563,260 to the Offering. This enabled the United
Church Board for Ministerial Assistance, the charitable arm of the Pension Boards, to provide, on behalf of the whole Church,
Supplementation of Small Annuities, Retiree Health Premium Supplementation, Emergency Grants, and Christmas “Thank
You” Gift Checks to individuals and families in need.

The theme of the 2017 Christmas Fund Offering is Shepherding the Light, and the goal this year is to raise $1.7 million to
help support these ministries of light and love. The recipients of these gifts have faithfully served the church and now, in their
time of need, we can be the church to them. Thank you for your support.

Church Council Members….please note. There is NO council meeting this month. We will meet the 2nd Thursday in January, hopefully with a completed 2018 budget. Hold the date ! Thank you. Jeanne

10 more days to 1 ( pay $17 membership dues for 2017, 2) return 2018 pledge card. The results of our recent stewardship drive are to be celebrated ! You are so supportive of our church and what we can do for others. Blessings, blessings, blessings all around !

End of year 2017 giving statements will be sent out very early in Jan. 2018. If, upon receiving your statement, you find that you have missed your giving goal , any make up donations will be accepted ( she said, tongue in cheek ).

Lyn on Vacation
Lyn will be on vacation December 26,27,28.


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