Weekly News for October 25

NYCC is going to send an outreach team to help serve at Preble Street Soup kitchen and YOU can be on it!

You need to register online with them to be a volunteer (it’s not too hard) and then when we pick specific dates/times for the NYCC faith group to be there you will need to register for that as well. Follow the link in the email directly below to register as a volunteer – when it asks you, our group is North Yarmouth Congregational Church. Please let me know when you have registered then when we have at least 6 people, I will choose a date (probably a Saturday) for us to serve. And then you will need to sign up for that particular date. For our first time, we will just go serve and get an understanding of how it all works. Then going forward we will consider if we want to bring food as well. I think initially we will do this maybe 3 or 4 times a year. This does not mean that you have to be able to come every time – hopefully we will have a large enough pool of folks that we can gather and appropriately sized team for each time we go. Any questions, feel free to call me 504-6289.


Youth 13 -15 may serve accompanied by an adult , 15 or older may serve without adult buddy. (And with pre-notice – ie you let me know ahead of time, I can be that adult – I do think they each need to register as well)

Peace, Nancy

The Wired Word
Christians respond to what’s in the news – a discussion group for adults led by Sandra Golonka. Are you often in a quandary about how people of faith should respond to what’s going on in the world around us? Join us every Sunday morning beginning on October 1 from 8:30 to 9:15 am in the fellowship hall for a lively discussion of something from the news the past week and how Christians we might think about it and respond to it.

A Note from the Nominating Committee
We have openings on all of our committees at this time. Please think it over and let us know if you are interested in a position on one of our committees. If you have any questions, we would be glad to answer them for you. Thank you, Pat Field, Pam Ames and Butch Goff.

Fall Study – “The Shack”
For our fall study we are discussing the book “The Shack”. The meeting dates are” Tuesday, October 31 and November 7 and 14 at 2:30 pm.

Coffee, Games and Conversation

Tuesdays 12:30-2:30 pm in the fellowship hall. As part of the Living Well in North Yarmouth initiative, join your friends and neighbors for a favorite game, conversation and light refreshments. Come as you are and as often as you are able – you are welcome here!

Youth Group
On November 5th we will have an outdoor adventure and November 19th we will make a meal at the Portland Ronald McDonald House.

Chicken Pie Supper on Friday, Oct. 27

To all you wonderful, enthusiastic volunteers out there,

Please mark your calendars right now and block out these dates:

Oct. 26, Thursday, 9-11 am: Roll pie bottoms

Oct. 27 Friday, 10:30-noon and 12:30-2:30 pm: Roll pie tops & assemble Chicken Pies!

If working in the kitchen isn’t your thing, we also need a few people who can do tasks of shorter duration; for example, set up the tables, cut up squash, peel and slice apples, mix topping and assemble apple crisp, etc.

This event is a significant fund-raiser for our church, and it has earned a strong following, serving many people from surrounding towns. When we put on a successful chicken pie supper, we can give back even more to the community at large…it’s a win-win event!

Please be thinking about how you can help; we have many types of volunteer activities, i.e. something for everyone. To express an interest in helping make this a big success, call Lyn in the office at 829-3644, or email Pam at james2@maine.rr.com.

Thank you in advance, Mark Heath and Pam Ames


We are still looking for two volunteers to host the Coffee Hour following Church Service for the months of November and December.
You can sign up for one week, two weeks, three weeks or for the month.
Weeks need not be consecutive.
Please contact Pat Field (846-3049/patrf1@myfairpoint) or Susan Elliott (829-3903/susandayelliott@hotmail.com) to sign up.
Thank you. Pat and Susan

Jewelry Table

The Christmas Fair folks are looking for gently used jewelry for the jewelry table. If you have some jewelry that you no longer wear would you consider donating it to the Women’s Fellowship/Tuesday Gals for the fair?! You can give it to a Tuesday Gal or bring it into the office and Lyn will make sure that they get it. Thank you!

Silent Auction
Do you have a craft where you create an item that might draw some nice bids at the Fair’s Silent Auction? Pat Field’s wooden crèche figures come to mind. Do you own/work at a business that might donate a Gift Card? Please think of a good donation that would draw interest (and bids) to the Silent Auction tables at the Christmas Fair. Many of our regulars enjoy bidding on new, fresh items and gift cards; sometimes a bidding war even breaks out!

Please contact Pam Ames at 829-5708 or james2@maine.rr.com if you’d like to discuss a possible donation.

Pet Pantry Needs

Dry Dog Food, Dry Cat Food and Kitty Litter.

Food Pantry Needs

Bath Tissue

Upcoming Events

Wednesday, October 25 – Choir Rehearsal – 7:00 pm

Friday, October 27 – Chicken Pie Supper – 4:30 pm

Sunday, October 29 – The Wired Word – 8:30 am

Tuesday, October 31 – Women’s Fellowship/Tuesday Gals – 10:00 am

Tuesday, October 31 – Tuesday Social – 12:30 pm

Tuesday, October 31 – Fall Study – 2:30 pm


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