Weekly News for July 12, 2017

Church Yard Sale
The church will be holding a yard sale on Saturday, July 29 from 9:00-1:00 pm. Contributions will be collected up until the 28th. Please no used computers, tv’s or broken items. Please contact Gary Davis at 831-1254 or Priscilla Brobst at 829-3480 before dropping off any questionable items. Thank you.

Men’s Club Breakfast will meet a Toddy Brook on Saturday, July 15 7:00 am.

Tuesday Gals meet (usually) on Tuesday mornings at 10:00 am.

Tuesday Gals Christmas Raffle Baskets

We have added a new collection box for another raffle basket for July. It is called Mainly Maine. This basket will include all things made in Maine or are about Maine such as Jams and Jellies B & M Baked beans, B & M can of Brown Bread. Any and all food items made in Maine. Décor of Maine, books, place mats, napkins, pot holders, table clothes. All ideas and donations are welcome. The list of items needed is on the poster board, above the collection box for donated items which we need badly. Thank you for all your help!!!

Pet Place Pantry Needs

Dry Dog Food, Dry Cat Food and Kitty Litter

Food Pantry Needs

Paper towels and or toilet tissue are on the list for the food pantry for July. As always your donation can be left in the grocery cart. Thank you for your support of this mission.


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